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205 things you should have done in my life in happiness

Sooo ... loosen up my uncreative phase had a little ic h stolen from me Feuerengel a stick borrowed :-)

The ones I've done, I have fat marked. pay

  1. a pub round (I'll never do this again, was sauteuer ..)
  2. with dolphins in the open sea swim
  3. a mountain
  4. The interior of the Great Pyramid of Giza climb visit
  5. a tarantula in your hand
  6. in candlelight with someone to take a bath
  7. "I love you" and mean it (I'm doing right now several times a day * hach *)
  8. hug a tree (yes, I'm crazy)
  9. a striptease lie down until the end
  10. try bungee jumping
  11. Paris visit
  12. A storm at sea experience
  13. the night to go through
  14. Northern Lights seen
  15. a sporting event visit
  16. climb the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  17. own vegetables grow and eat
  18. an iceberg touch
  19. sleep under the stars
  20. Change A baby diaper
  21. in a hot air balloon ride
  22. a meteor shower watching
  23. a champagne noise have
  24. More than you can afford to donate
  25. watch the sky through a telescope
  26. have the most inopportune moment a fit of laughter
  27. Participating in a fight (not really optional)
  28. In the horse race win
  29. make blue, although no one is sick
  30. A (n) Foreign (s) ask you a assumed
  31. a snowball fight join
  32. his ass photographed on the office copier
  33. scream as loud as it
  34. A lamb goes to the poor keep
  35. a secret fantasy to live out
  36. at midnight ( go nude) swim (very cool action)
  37. lead in ice-cold water bath
  38. An actual conversation with a beggar
  39. A total Watch Solar Eclipse (Which was a total? When we bought all these glasses?) Join
  40. A roller coaster ride
  41. transform a penalty
  42. The tasks three weeks somehow do it in three days dancing
  43. completely crazy, no matter who it
  44. a foreign accent for an entire day watching imitate
  45. Visit the birthplace of his ancestors
  46. To be happy with their lives, if only for a moment (* hach *) have
  47. Two hard disks in the computer
  48. visit all provinces of his country
  49. his own job in every respect like even if only for a moment
  50. Caring for someone who sucks looks
  51. have enough money at their discretion
  52. Worn friends (you guys are being addressed but not now, eh?)
  53. abroad with a / dance r-residents (those were the days ... ;-))
  54. whales in the wild observed
  55. steal a street sign (this can also steal?)
  56. Backpacking through America travel
  57. hitch (on New Year's Eve to eight in a Fiat) try
  58. free climbing
  59. Abroad, an official lie to just not walk conspicuous
  60. At midnight on the beach go
  61. jump with a parachute visit
  62. Ireland (I can only recommend)
  63. suffer longer to heartache when the relationship has lasted (* sigh *) feed
  64. the restaurant at a table with strangers (which can be extremely funny)
  65. Japan visit milking
  66. lift its own weight in dumbbells
  67. A cow (not to others, clothes can be thrown away afterwards)
  68. List His CD collection (I had time to do before my ex has taken the half ..)
  69. pretending to be a superstar
  70. sing karaoke
  71. a whole day only so long just to stay in bed (with the right company at any time)
  72. posing nude in front of strangers (well. posing. .. anyway ;-))
  73. with oxygen tank dive
  74. To Ravel's Bolero sex
  75. In the rain kiss
  76. play in the mud
  77. play in the rain
  78. Visit A drive-in movie (I still like today, was terrible ... Saving Private Ryan)
  79. something to do with no regrets, what would really regret (Oh Yeah!)
  80. The Chinese Wall visit
  81. recognize that someone has visited the site, should not he know it (???) use
  82. something better instead of Microsoft Windows (OS X 10.6. set 4)
  83. A separate business
  84. Falling in love and mutual happiness (* hach *....)
  85. A visit famous historical site
  86. learn a martial arts Judo, Karate and Ju Juitsu
  87. more than six hours straight before a game console sitting
  88. marriages
  89. Going to the movies
  90. to pop a party
  91. someone to love, although it is prohibited or improper (or BECAUSE ..)
  92. someone kiss her until he / she is dizzy
  93. divorce
  94. Sex in the office can have (of course not in my ...)
  95. commented five days without food
  96. baking cookies at its recipe (were even edible)
  97. First place in a fancy dress competition prove (I was way pirate :-))
  98. In a gondola in Venice go
  99. get tattooed
  100. Finding out that the mere touching of objects turns one (I only say MacBookPro)
  101. whitewater rafting
  102. on television as "experts" appear to get
  103. a bouquet of flowers for no reason (there's always reason ;-))
  104. masturbate
  105. be so drunk that one is reminded of nothing more to be dependent
  106. of any illicit drug (who would then pass please) In the public
  107. occur on a stage (several times)
  108. Las Vegas visit
  109. take the own music (with the choir, but still: - ))
  110. shark eat
  111. a one-night stands have (by the way not worth it)
  112. Thailand visit
  113. experience, as asylum seekers living in Germany
  114. A home purchase
  115. In the war on a battlefield are
  116. One or both parents are buried
  117. A cruise make
  118. speak more than one language (not now but at the same time ..) "get in your face"
  119. while trying to defend another, even a
  120. a bad check submit
  121. The Rocky Horror Picture Show experience
  122. read and understand the own credit card statement, and (what is a credit card statement?)
  123. raise children now
  124. Subsequently, the former favorite toy and play with
  125. on tour of his favorite musicians travel with
  126. 's own constellation of stars determine
  127. Abroad, a bicycle tour
  128. Something interesting take on his own ancestors to find out (all worse than me ...)
  129. the own members of parliament to call or write
  130. with the loved to start somewhere new of zero
  131. walk across the Golden Gate Bridge go
  132. In the car, sing loud and not stop, even though someone is watching (why should we stop there?) bring
  133. an abortion, possibly with a partner
  134. A plastic surgery join survive
  135. a [serious] accident unexpectedly uninjured
  136. a review for a newspaper write
  137. than fifty pounds off
  138. someone to solace in the arms hold
  139. A plane flying
  140. a stingray stroke
  141. The heart break a / r other (Scheißgefühl. ..)
  142. help an animal in childbirth
  143. the job lose
  144. win money on a TV show
  145. suffer a bone fracture (So basically, the doctor's broken on purpose .. but STILL!) kill
  146. a man (never ever) go
  147. In Africa Photo Safari
  148. go ride a motorcycle
  149. faster with any land vehicle over 220 km / h (does it work? ;-))
  150. can attach a piercing somewhere down the shoulder
  151. self-collected mushrooms eat (yummy :-))
  152. A horse ride through making
  153. a serious operation
  154. sex in a moving Train have
  155. a snake as a pet keep
  156. The Grand Canyon hiking
  157. sleep through an entire flight
  158. the course of two days longer than thirty hours
  159. foreign nations more sleep than German federal states visit
  160. visit all seven continents
  161. A canoe trip make
  162. kangaroo meat eating
  163. Falling in love at an ancient Mayan site
  164. sperm or egg donation
  165. eat sushi
  166. in the newspaper's own photo find
  167. At least two lucky partner relationships in life
  168. convince someone in a matter that one at heart
  169. someone because of his actions kick
  170. Again go to school
  171. paraglider fly
  172. change your own name
  173. A cockroach stroke (with the sole ..)
  174. fry eat tomatoes and green (beautiful movie was this .)
  175. The Iliad by Homer read
  176. an author read and choose which one has missed in school (Shakespeare)
  177. In Restaurant spoons, plates or glasses can go along for the home are frisked by the police
  178. and outside the restaurant
  179. learn an artistic activity as a self-taught
  180. an animal down by hand, cook and eat
  181. yourself to someone years after an injustice to apologize
  182. participate Never at class reunions
  183. have sex with someone who is half or twice as old as they themselves are
  184. elected to public office develop
  185. Even a computer language is (it even if I think Computer insult?)
  186. recognition may that one's own dream actually lives someone
  187. you love, must be in nursing
  188. Even a computer [particulate ] assemble
  189. A self-made work of art to sell to a stranger (well, art is relative)
  190. test lap in a Ferrari drive
  191. Even a booth at a street festival have
  192. the hair dye
  193. As a DJ occur
  194. Finding out that a partner has given the internet the country pass
  195. Leave
  196. His own role-playing
  197. be arrested
  198. A pet keep
  199. drag on a cigarette (in a? prevail at thousands ...)
  200. One thing
  201. sex on a nightclub toilet
  202. sex under the stars (I have no definite yet, volunteers Please log ;-))
  203. camp during a thunderstorm
  204. give birth to a child (see above lol)
  205. nudes make

Soooo, now grab your all the sticks and blog deal carve pastedGraphic.pdf


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